About Us

From humble beginnings as a retail shop in Kemayoran in 1997, Agni Sentral Motor, formerly known as ANS Motor, has grown into a leader in automotive and architectural window film installation. We have consistently pushed the boundaries of comfort and technology, starting with the launch of Indium Glassfilm in 2001, followed by Spectrum Window Film in 2003, and Iceberg Window Films in 2013, featuring groundbreaking Night Vision Technology. Our dedication to accessibility and affordability led to the introduction of Miracle Window Film in 2010, and we continued our innovation with the launch of Profilms in 2016, our advanced solution for UV protection. Today, with a network of hundreds of dealers across Indonesia, we offer six top-tier window film brands that enhance your journey with comfort, safety, and style. At Agni Sentral Motor, we are committed to delivering not just a product, but a transformative experience.

The Spectrum Window Film Commitment to Excellence

It is our ongoing commitment to provide all Spectrum Window Film customers with the best care and customer service, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our products, which is why we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty. This guarantee reflects our dedication to customer care and confidence in the durability and performance of our window films.

Why Choose Spectrum?

Spectrum Window Film isn’t just any window film – it’s a premium choice for superior heat rejection. Backed by years of experience (search online for “Spectrum Window Film” to see what customers say), they offer a proven track record of keeping you cool and comfortable.