Indium Glassfilm Series

When the sun brings on its worst, we bring out our best—Indium Glass Film. Our highest-performing glass film is engineered to deliver superior solar-blocking performance, impressively rejecting up to 91% of heat* and 99% of UV rays while enhancing safety with a scratch-resistant, metal-free composition. Indium Glass Film is backed by the longest-ever warranty, an impressive 8-year manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring unmatched comfort and protection.

Nano Ceramic Technology

Nano Ceramic Technology is a top-tier solution in window film engineering, far superior to traditional films. It achieves up to 91% heat rejection and 99% UV rejection, ensuring excellent thermal regulation and protection from harmful rays. Its metal-free composition prevents signal interference, making it ideal for modern environments.

Nano Ceramic Technology

Utilizing advanced nanoparticles to enhance heat resistance.

Up to 91% IR Rejection

Optimal heat and glare reduction for superior comfort.

8 Years Warranty

Enjoy up to 8 years of warranty coverage, with multiple service outlets available for your convenience.

Over 99% UV Protection

Safeguard your car or building interior from fading and damage.

Available In Variation of Tints

Heat Resist Film

Features a coating of tiny ceramic nanoparticles, imperceptible to the eye. This advanced technology effectively blocks Infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) rays, achieving rejection rates of up to 99%. This allows our window film to significantly reduce overheated interiors and protect against harmful UV exposure, maintaining cooler and safer environments.

Performance Specification

We test Indium Glassfilm to help ensure it performs as expected. Download our brochure and specification for Indium Glass Film to see the results and compare our full line-up.